Summer Activities with Your Truck

Summer Activities with Your Truck

We at Aransas Autoplex are sure you know that pickup trucks are great for completing jobs of all shapes and sizes. But have you also thought about all the summer possibilities that are open to you when you own a truck?

Family Picnic – Take the whole family, even the pets, for a picnic! You can go on a hike, and then use the truck bed for a picnic. Spread out a blanket or use a plank of wood for a table and you have a portable dining room option!

Tailgating Party – You don’t need to wait on game day for this activity. Bring some music and food, and create your own party! If your friends also own trucks, have them set theirs up with food as well for an even better time!

Adventure Time – A truck doesn’t need to follow paved roads. Make your own trail and find an adventure along the way!

Stargazing – You may want to leave the kids at home for this one and make it a special night! Go to a remote location to avoid light pollution and lie in the back of the truck to check out the stars. See if you can name any of the constellations.

If these activities sound exciting but you don’t have a truck, be sure to stop by Aransas Autoplex and we’ll help you find the perfect truck for summer and beyond!

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