7 Simple Ways to Spend a Cheap Day at the Beach

Cheap Day at the Beach

If this is your beach, we’re envious.

Planning to hit the beach this summer but also looking to save money? Thankfully, your local beach is likely one of the most cost-effective hotspots in town, offering plenty of ways to have fun without spending the big bucks.

Check out these seven ways to spend a cheap day at the beach:

  1. Plan a healthy picnic.
  2. Organize a beach volleyball game.
  3. Build a top-notch sandcastle.
  4. Been meaning to catch up on your reading? Now is the time.
  5. Go body boarding, or maybe even try surfing.
  6. Fly a colorful kite.
  7. Lastly, simply relax! Whether you take a nap or simply rest your eyes and listen to the sound of the waves, there are few places more relaxing than the beach.

And of course, be sure to pack lots of sunscreen and fresh, clean drinking water! For more summer tips or to get behind the wheel of a new car this season, visit us anytime at Aransas Autoplex.

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