How to Drive Safely During the Winter Months

Drive Safely During the Winter Months

Winter can be a cruel time of the year, especially for those who aren’t experienced with driving during the winter months. Fortunately, driving safely during the winter season is as easy as following a few guidelines. Even if you’re new to cold climates, it’s relatively easy to learn. We here at Aransas Auto have a few tips on how to drive safely during the winter months. Stay safe out there!

  • Service – Every car needs service. If you’ve foregone service for too long, then now is the time to have it done. Winter makes small problems much worse, which could result in a hefty repair bill if not fixed quickly. Make sure to have your oil changed, battery tested, and coolant checked!
  • Fuel – Keeping your gas tank at least a third full is pertinent if you plan on hitting the road. The last thing any driver wants is to end up stranded and out of fuel. Waiting for roadside assistance in the cold will be a miserable experience that you probably don’t want to have.
  • Don’t Drive if You Feel Uncomfortable – One of the best pieces of advice we can give is that if you aren’t comfortable driving under certain conditions, then avoid doing so if at all possible. Confidence is key on the road, especially in winter. Panicking drivers are a threat to everyone. There’s nothing wrong with playing it safe during winter weather!

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