Texas Summer Road Trips

Texas Summer Road Trip

Heading out for some fun in the summer sun is great, but traveling to a new destination in Texas is even better. From road trips to scenic sights, there’s a spot in Texas for everyone to enjoy. Be sure to take a road trip that you will never forget within the next few months. Here are some Texas summer road trips suggested by us here at Aransas Autoplex.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

You won’t be running into a Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptors in Dinosaur Valley State Park, but you could walk in their footsteps. Located in Glen Rose near Fort Worth, dinosaur tracks are easily located in the riverbed. There are even track sites marked on a map to help visitors find the ancient footprints. One thing is for sure: Dinosaur Valley State Park truly is a unique road trip destination.

Cascade Caverns

Located North of San Antonia, Cascade Caverns serves as an interesting and cool place to visit. Guided tours offer scenic views of the cave system, which remains around 64 degrees year round. Escape the summer heat and take a good look around Cascade Caverns.


Otherwise known as the capital of Texas, Austin features a long list of unique restaurants, iconic views, and a lake to boot. From music festivals to a tour of the Texas Capitol Building, there’s something for every traveler in Austin.

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