Off-Roading Checklist

Off-Roading Checklist

Heading off-road for a weekend of adventure and fun is something every truck owner should experience. Unfortunately, failing to be properly prepared can be devastating, especially if you’re a good distance away from the main road. Make sure you’re good to go with this off-roading checklist from us here at Aransas Autoplex.

First Aid Kit

There’s no point in going off-roading if you don’t have a properly stocked first aid kit. Accidents happen, whether it comes in the form of a mechanical mishap or a run in with nature. Make sure to have antiseptic ointment, plenty of Band-Aids, a blanket, gauze, and hand sanitizer. It wouldn’t hurt to have a snake bite kit if you’re heading into an area where snakes live. Don’t forget any vital medications either.

Camping Supplies

If you plan on camping out overnight, it can help to have the proper camping supplies. Even those sleeping in the bed of their truck will benefit from a sleeping pad or bag. Make sure to include some sort of knife, a lighter and matches, flashlights, and a trash bag. Also, don’t forget the camera!

Recovery Supplies

Drivers new to off-roading could find themselves in a tight spot should something go wrong. Make sure to include tow straps, a shovel, and tree saver in your kit, just in case. Also, make sure you know how to use your recovery supplies as well.

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