GM Employees Give Back During Team GM Cares Week

Team GM Cares Week

September 14th marked the beginning of “Team GM Cares Week,” a weeklong event in which GM employees give back to their communities. The event is in its fourth year, and 1,900 employees are participating in over 100 community projects across the nation.

One of the largest employee teams helped out the company’s home city in Detroit, where the GM headquarters are located. In just one community project, 170 GM employees joined local businesses and community groups in cleaning up Southwest Detroit Junction Street, combining efforts in order to clear the street and buildings of trash and graffiti.

GM employees don’t have to wait for this one week out of the whole year to give back, either. GM participates in community efforts year-round. Just this past August, 3,400 employees partnered with Life Remodeled to clean up Detroit’s Osborn neighborhood. As an added incentive, the company also provides the “Dollars for Doers” $200 grant once a year to nonprofits whenever GM employees contribute 50 hours of service to said organizations.

Even though GM gives back to its communities all year long, Team GM Cares Week is not just a week of volunteer work, but also a celebration of how much GM truly does care.

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