Have Fun with These Texas Christmas Traditions

Texas Christmas Traditions

What Will Santa Bring?

Christmas is traditionally thought of as snow-covered, cold time of year, but here in Texas, it is not uncommon to have a 70-degree day. Because of this, Christmas is a little bit different in the Lone Star State. Here are three Texas Christmas traditions we all celebrate.

Cutting Down A Tree

Here in Texas, we love the outdoors, and cutting down the perfect Christmas tree is something many of us love to do. Thanks to our warm weather, we don’t have to do this while wearing down-filled coats and thick winter gloves.

Christmas Lights

Yes, everybody celebrates the season with bright, twinkling lights, but where else can you see cactuses covered in lights, Big Tex replicas in your neighbor’s yard, or armadillos wrapped in lights.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It

It may be as delightful as a warm spring day, but we like to enjoy winter activities, too. That is why you will find snow machines in the mall, poinsettias everywhere, and people will still enjoy a cup of hot cocoa even if it makes them sweat.

What are your favorite Texas Christmas traditions around Aransas Pass, TX? Here at Aransas Autoplex, we can’t think of anywhere else that we would rather be for Christmas than right here in warm and sunny Texas.

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