Things to Do in Port Aransas Off-Season

Port Aransas off-season

Fishing In Aransas

Summer Is Over

Port Aransas is a great place to vacation in the summer, but there are also many fun things to do off-season. That’s why we at Aransas Autoplex have written a post about the top 5 things to do in Port Aransas off-season. Simply hop into your car and start exploring the area today.

Leonabelle Turnbill Birding Center & Charlie’s Pasture

According to Port Aransas, one of the top things to do off-season is birding in South Texas. There are many places in the area that are ideal for bird watching, including the Leonabelle Turnbill Birding Center and Charlie’s Pasture. You can also visit the Port Aransas beach and Corpus Christi Ship Channel, though these places may be busier. Some of these locations may require a vehicle with 4WD to prevent you from getting stuck—one reason you should visit our dealership before you go.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Next, take a tour of Fisherman’s Wharf or go on a fishing cruise. You can easily book a tour using Whooping Crane Cruise or another company, and be sure to check out the Skat Cat and Wharf Cat vessels.


Beachcombing is also popular. While it may be too chilly to swim this time of year, you can simply walk on the beach with your eyes peeled to find treasures that wash up from the Gulf. Shells, sand dollars, and starfish are just some of the things you might find.

Port Aransas Art Museum

Consider visiting the Port Aransas Art Museum. Great for the family or for a date, the museum has classes for beginners and experts, exhibits, and more. You can book a class with the whole family to learn more about techniques and then hit the beach to create memorable landscape paintings.

Whooping Crane Festival

Finally, check out the Whooping Crane Festival. The 2018 festival website says that it will be held on Thursday, February 22 at 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. You can take guided tours to see endangered whopping cranes in their natural habitat, and there are special tickets to let you get up close and personal.

These are just some of the many fun things to consider off-season in Port Aransas, so make the most of this colder time of year. Let all of us at Aransas Autoplex in Aransas Pass, TX how you liked this list.

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