Take a Wild Adventure on Chevy’s 48-State Road Trip

Chevy’s 48-state road tripIf you have a bold sense of adventure and the itch to see everything this country has to offer, you just might want to embark on Chevy’s 48-state road trip. This exhilarating trip was designed by Chevy and data scientist Randy Olson, who used an algorithm to figure out the most exciting and efficient way to see all 48 contiguous United States, with a stop in each state.

You’ll definitely need to set aside at least a month to complete the road trip in its entirety. Chevy anticipates that the trip would take a driver more than 214.56 hours (or roughly nine days)—and that’s driving non-stop. With stops for gas, food, restroom breaks, and lodging, the trip would easily last weeks. And, of course, you’ll want to stop at each of Chevy’s 48 recommendations (which include theme parks, national parks, and classic landmarks) and perhaps some detours of your own.

In total, the trip lasts 13,389 miles, which means not only would you need an oil change and tire rotation at Aransas Autoplex before leaving, but you’d also need to schedule a couple more oil changes and tire rotations along the way.

“Road trips are about creating shared memories and quality time with family and friends,” remarked Steve Majoros, director of marketing, Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers. “And when on the road, travelers can trust Chevrolet vehicles to help get them where they’re going reliably. Chevy is now the only brand to earn J.D. Power Dependability Awards for cars, trucks and SUVs three years in a row.”

If you need an ideal vehicle for your road trip, consider one of our models here at Aransas Autoplex.

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