The Best Fall Road Trips in Texas

fall places to visit in texas

Texas has some of the most beautiful scenery this fall, including Palo Duro Canyon.

Texas falls don’t get enough credit. You always hear about how beautiful New England is, how stunning up north is, but the Lone Star State gets overlooked far too often. Well, America, it’s time you paid attention to the majestic beauty that is a Texas autumn.

Where do you go to see it? Anywhere, but if you want something more specific, here are some of the best fall road trips in Texas:

Lost Maples State Natural Area

Lost Maples is a top choice for one of the most beautiful places in Texas, and fall is the time of year when the reason why is most obvious. Once you arrive, there’s plenty to do and see as you hike, picnic, fish, or bird-watch in the miles and miles of fall-toned maple trees.

Big Bend

Big Bend is a wild and wonderful place way out in Western Texas. With awe-inspiring rock formations and huge, multi-hued mountains, the whole 74-mile drive through the region is a fiery color show in the fall.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park

For a total rustic autumn experience, you’ve gotta head up north to one of the state’s most breathtaking locations. Palo Duro, often called the Grand Canyon of Texas, is an amazing sight to see – whether you’re a native Texan or just passing through, there’s no excuse for skipping Palo Duro. Once you’re there, you can rent a horse and take a ride through the canyon or just pick a spot to laze around and take in the sights.

Texas is one of the most beautiful fall experiences America has to offer – and don’t you forget it!

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