New Year Goals That Don’t Involve Losing Weight

New Year goals

It’s the same thing every year; everyone plans their New Year goals around weight loss and the gym is packed with new faces. If you’re tired of the yo-yo of going in and out of the gym every January, maybe it’s time for a different kind of goal.

Get Organized

A lot of us have too much stuff and nowhere to put it. Commit yourself to get organized by tossing out or donating the things you don’t need and finding a place for the things you do.

Cook More Often

Do you get takeout more often than you should? Help your health and your budget by dedicating yourself to cooking at home more often. Try meal planning and making grocery lists in advance, too.

Get Better Sleep

Millions of Americans don’t get enough sleep or have a very poor quality of sleep. Instead of overworking yourself, set aside enough time for you to catch some z’s. You may even find yourself becoming more productive as you have more energy!


Picking up a good book is as good a hobby as any. It improves memory and focus, expands vocabulary, and forces you to set aside time for yourself. Reading more doesn’t even have to be a big investment thanks to public libraries and their digital book collections.

Give Back

A lot of New Year resolutions revolve around the self, but why not be a little more generous with your goals? Set a goal to donate a certain percentage of your income or to volunteer once a week!

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