Chevy Volt Nominated for Green Car Reports 2016 Best Car to Buy

2016 Best Car to Buy

Today, we realize just how important it is to be as green as possible. Whether that means buying a more efficient pick-up or making the switch to a hybrid, or even to all-electric, vehicle, there’s a thousand little ways to go green.

But now, according to Green Car Reports, there’s one more really big way to go green, and that’s just choosing the 2016 Chevrolet Volt as your next car: the Chevy Volt was just nominated for the Green Car Reports’ 2016 Best Car to Buy.

For the new model, the electric range has jumped from 38 miles to a whopping 53 miles, and there was also a great leap upward in fuel economy from 37 mpg to 42 mpg. Talk about some ultra-green engineering!

Since the Volt’s introduction in 2011, it’s been nominated for – and won – a plethora of green awards and consumer satisfaction awards alike, but we’re especially excited for this most recent possible title of the 2016 Best Car to Buy!

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