DIY Maintenance: Signs of Bad Spark Plugs

signs of bad spark plugs

Spark plugs are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, so you should be able to recognize signs that they’ll need to be replaced soon. If a spark plug goes bad, it can cause myriad problems, the worst being a total inability to start your car. Here are some signs of bad spark plugs.

If your engine is idling roughly or misfires, you may need new spark plugs. Rough idling will sound louder than your car’s normal idling, and if your car misfires you’ll feel it stumble a little.

You may notice that your engine is having trouble turning over. This could be a sign of many things, including a bad alternator or a dead battery, but worn out spark plugs are a common and overlooked cause of this.

If your engine is surging, or making your car jerk or start and stop continually, this may be a sign of bad spark plugs. It’s also dangerous, so get it checked out or replace your spark plugs as soon as you can. Bad spark plugs can also cause unusually high fuel consumption and lack of acceleration.

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